TOP 5 “Day of the Week” Filters for Instagram Stories

TOP 5 “Day of the Week” Filters for Instagram Stories

We love a great Instagram filter- we wouldn’t be good at our jobs if we didn’t!

Day of the week filters are the latest effects to glam up your IG stories, and we, along with millions of fellow IG users couldn’t be loving them more right now.

Not only are they great for adding a bit of style to your photos and videos, but they also make your stories stand out amongst the crowd. Whether it’s through using a contemporary calligraphy style font or with an old vintage-style effect.

Here, we’re giving you the top five ‘day and time’ filters for you to try next time you’re looking to do something new with your IG stories.

  1. Now 2.0 by @filipearantes

    Whether you’re out on an Instagrammable day trip or feeling a selfie moment, this day of the week filter adds a little style to your image or video clip by layering a modern calligraphy-style day and time text over the top of your story. It also adds a subtle colour change for that added vintage look.

    Simply tap the screen to add an old film, vintage-style filter or go au-natural. This one is a perfect option if you’re wanting to add a sophisticated text to any weekday.
    Why not add some music in the background for that romantic, old movie feel

  2. Type 1.0 by @oliverjai

    The Type 1.0 filter by @oliverjai is the coolest filter you’ll have seen in a while.

    As well as adding a stylish day and time to your story using an impactful bold font, similar to Hollywood movie titles or a glossy magazine cover, it also gives you the option of increasing the image contrast for that extra wow factor.

    Choose from two filter options; one with the day of the week and time across the middle of your story, and two, at the bottom of your story so that your followers can view your whole screen.

  3. Day and time by @grayesta_

    Simple yet not to be underrated, try the Day and time filter by @grayesta_ for a cool grey effect for your story. Perfect for those chilly winter weekends or cool selfies.

    Choose from two text colour options of either black or white to display the day of the week and time information.

  4. Journal stories by @marinarossa

    Just like a page out of a daily journal, ‘Journal Stories’ offers three contemporary hand-written weekday fonts for you to choose from, displayed in different places on your screen.

    Ideal for adding a cool new touch to your memories.

  5. Days of the week by @michelesmeraglia

    Visual designer @michelesmeraglia has created five colourful day of the week filter options using a chic and stylish text which layers the letters vertical in the middle of your screen.

    As you tap the screen to change the word colours, from brown to orange, yellow to purple and grey your image or video alters in colour too. A great option for adding some vibrancy to your story.


Which of these date and time filters will you be trying out this week?