10 Best Makeup Story Filters on Instagram

10 Best Makeup Story Filters on Instagram

From TikTok trends to IGTVs- there’s always something new to love in the world of social media.

Some of the most widely used and popular trends hitting our phone screens this year have been the new Instagram filters.

From head tilt quizzes to VSCO inspired filters- there’s a lot to love on the stories feature at the moment.

We all know that no one really needs a filter to make themselves look better, but there’s no harm in using them to boost your confidence a little or to use for experimenting and playing around with new makeup looks-without having to buy the products first.

We’re talking specifically here about makeup filters- whether it’s a filter that adds contour to your face, or glitter to your lips for a throwback disco look. Virtual makeup filters aren’t just great fun to experiment with- they’re also convenient for when you’re feeling like using the stories feature but don’t want to spend time putting together your own makeup look.

In this blog, we’re walking you through ten of the best makeup filters you’ll find on stories right now to give a go when you’re looking for the perfect one for your next selfie:


  1. Beautiful face by @yuka.kors

    There’s a lot to love about this beautiful face filter. Not only does it give you a natural-looking glow, but also a long-lash look that we’ve all been wishing for. Forget the days of applying fiddly eyelashes - this filter does it for you in the tap of a screen. Not forgetting the real showstopper feature, this filter also gives you a radiant glow - highlighting all of your best facial features. The ‘Beautiful Face’ filter is a great choice if you’re feeling a selfie moment.

  2. Make_Francesca by @francesca

    Who doesn’t love a colourful makeup look? This filter not only takes your eyelash game to the next level, but it also evens out your complexion and adds pops of colour to your lid.

    We all know how difficult it can be to apply eyeliner evenly, and this filter does the hard work for you. Choose from classic black, pink, orange, purple or green cat eye flicks to give your lids that colourful pop.

    This one is also a great filter if you want to experiment with colours. Rather than spending money on new makeup products, use this makeup filter to see what suits you.

  3. Glitter lips by @Instagram

    The glitter lips filter is everything you’d hope. Throwing us right back to the early 00s, the glitter lips filter comes with seven sassy shades- from a golden shimmer to hot pink and pale purple.

    The perfect filter if you want a glitter ball inspired makeup look without having to leave your sofa.

  4. Natural by @lacerdand

    Going au natural, the Natural filter by @lacerdand is the closest thing to a no makeup, makeup filter you’ll get! If you’re looking a little tired, or just fancy testing out a natural-looking filter, this one's for you. Natural gives you that no makeup look, while removing blemishes and evening out your skin.

  5. Cute bronze blonde by @top.beauty_

    Thinking of going blonde, or ever wondered what it might look like on you? The cute bronze filter gives you blonde, glossy hair-without you having to dye your own.

    Shock your family and friends by convincing them you’re a new blonde with this filter! And if you’re already a blonde, use it to temporarily go a lighter colour and to add a glossy texture to your hair.

    Aside from giving you that new blonde hairdo, this filter also gives you a fuller lip, blurs blemishes, adds highlights and gives you those all important long eyelashes.

    Our Favorite Instagram Presets

    The "Boho Sundaze" Mobile Filters and the "Cookies and Cream" Collection are by far our favorite photo filters as they work with every photo and make your feed look so smooth and consistent.

  6. Eyelashes by @Instagram

    If you’re a lash lover, this filter might just be perfect for you. Not every lash look will suit everyone, which is why this filter allows you to choose from three lash styles; from natural to fuller. It also allows you to increase or decrease the filter saturation using the on-screen sidebar to adjust the photo colour intensity to black and white.


  7. Glow hair by @top.beauty_

    Top.Beauty_ really is the queen of hair colour filters! This glow hair filter allows you to swap and change your hair colour- giving you baby pink, blonde and ombre purple to choose from simply by tapping the screen. If you’re someone that loves to experiment with hair colours, or wants to trick your followers into thinking you’ve changed your hair up- this filter is the one for you.

    This filter adds a little natural makeup to your look too, which you can enhance or reduce using the sidebar.

  8. **Makeup + Sardas** by @arthur.csgo

    Faux freckles have been one of the main beauty trends of 2019/20, but achieving the natural looking freckle isn’t always easy! The Makeup + Sardas filter gives you that natural, contoured effect makeup look, complete with lashes and a sprinkling of freckles. Tap the screen to choose from a simple lash and dark pink lip, the whole makeup look with freckles or opt for simple makeup with darker lighting.

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    Check out the "Beauty Blogger" presets by Parker Arrow.  If are editing your photos on your smartphone and take a lot of makeup pictures, than you should also look for the "Glow Up" Preset collection.  

  9. Sheff’s makeup by @sheffpavelstylist

    Sheff Pavel’s makeup filter is one for the makeup lovers. This filter gives your face that sunkissed glow!

    Choose from three radiant makeup filters featuring one with lashes, a cat-eye eyeliner effect and the full face with freckles.

  10. Contour Analoure by @analourencoc

    Last but certainly not least, the Contour Analoure filter by @analourencoc is a go-to if you’re after a fresh faced makeup look. Adding a little blush to your cheeks, a subtle eyelash and perfect pink lipstick- this one is a great filter if you want to add a little natural colour to your cheeks. Tap the screen to change your lip colour from hot pink to fiery red, or opt to go without a lipstick colour.


Feeling inspired for getting creative with your next selfie?

From glittery lips to bold eyelash looks, there are so many makeup filters to choose from on Instagram- why not give these ten makeup favourites a go, or explore all the other unique filters on stories?