5 Best Vintage VHS Story Filters On Instagram

5 Best Vintage VHS Story Filters On Instagram

Instagram, Reels, Snapchat or Tiktok: all this platforms allow us to use a variety of face filters and story filters.

Over the last couple of months, the number of filters that are available have exploded. This has left us with a vast variety of styles to choose from and allowed us personalize our sharing experience.

One big trend in the filter sphere have been vintage and retro filters that take us back to the 90's!

Do you remember old VHS tapes with some glitches in the recording? Or dust and grain on old film rolls and photos? All of this is now possible with your phone camera on Instagram.

Here are some of our favorite vintage and retro filters that you can use for your Instagram stories and Reels.


1. KODAK FILM II - by danielameroc

This vintage filter adds a typical kodak film style to your Instagram stories and Reels. Even the original time code is included - what else could a vintage heart want?

2. VINTAGE DV - by zeytokg

Vintage camera details, pale tones and cropped view port - everything a true vintage lover needs to create content with the right nostalgic vibes. With this filter, you nail this trend 100%.

Vintage DV Instagram story filter


3. CUTE KODAK CAM - by sasha_soul_art

Do you want a kodak camera style but also like it cute? Cute Kodak Cam is the right filter for you then. Additionally to a 90's vintage film vibe, the filter adds some glitter and makeup to your face making you feel like a cute 90's babe.

Cute kodak cam Instagram Story filter with beauty makeup and sparkles


4. SUPER 8MM - by h_ekal

Animated dust and a typical cropped frame is what SUPER 8mm by h_ekal offers you! Have you every dreamed of shooting with a super 8mm film camera? Well, you can now re-create this look super easy by using this filter. What are you waiting for?

Super 8 story filter on Instagram


5. HUJI EFFECT - by reallygreatsite

Last but not least: the HUJI EFFECT. A true 90s heart cannot find away around trying this filter. Lens leaks, time code, slight blurriness and dust - is your little vintage heart beating faster already? Then go try this filter now!

Huji Effect story filter on Instagram


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