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What is Spark AR Studio?

Spark AR Studio is a master suite of animation and augmented reality creation. From novice javascript developers, 2D artists, 3D modellers and visual effect designers, Facebook’s software opens up a new world of possibility to millions of Instagram users.

The incredible software allows creators to fulfil the growing demand for Instagram Facefilter templates to users all over the world. Anyone can download Spark AR examples to make a point, try a product virtually or have some fun.

Through our website, anyone can access a curated gallery of Spark AR templates. By using a Spark AR Template, users gain access to pre-built Spark AR Project files which allow for easy customization. There’s no coding knowledge required which makes it a huge timesaver as you don’t have to start your AR project from scratch. Now, through our selection of Spark AR Templates, it is super easy to create your own Instagram Facefilter template, without the need to pay thousands to a developer.

Spark AR Use Cases For Business and Marketing

When something grabs the attention of the masses, it’s not long before brands jump on board and put their products in front of millions of eyeballs. This has certainly been the case for Instagram and Spark AR. The use cases for business is growing as more and more marketers realize the need to market to a younger audience. Some of the more popular examples include makeup, branded colors, visual design with subliminal brand messages, virtual products, or even mascots.

As selfies are one of the most common photos taken, makeup is high up on the popular list for many Spark AR creator brands. Using the power of AR, any user can apply a filter to their selfie with a click of a button.

Users of Instagram can try on a new shade of lipstick or foundation. Once they are happy with their look all they do is hit share and all their followers now have exposure to the makeup brand. What’s amazing about this is the brand’s AR Spark is tagged so users can decide if this something they want to buy before it even hits the stores.

Get In Early on This AR Trend

It’s estimated that around 100 million users will use AR technology across a myriad of devices this year alone. With giant’s like Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google driving the technology, it’s no wonder that we are going to see a spike in the adoption of technology in the coming years. For Facebook’s Spark AR, this means there is no better time to create or obtain some Spark AR Templates or Spark AR Project files for your idea. The possibilities of your own Spark AR going viral is excellent, so jump on the opportunity before everyone else does.

Creating Face Filters Using Spark AR Templates

If you are a marketer or owner of a brand, then you might be wondering how to create your face filters for Instagram. The most common roadblock we hear from people before they find is, “I’m not technical” or “I don’t code”. Don’t let these excuses stop you from creating your idea. You see, we have made it really simple to overcome these barriers of entry. All you need is our Instagram Facefilter Templates.

Through our site, use the search tool to navigate and find the best Spark AR Templates, which contain pre-built Spark AR Project files. Once you have them, import the template and begin adding your designs. Alternatively, you can also download Spark AR examples for inspiration. You won’t have to worry about coding as we have that covered for you. All you need to do is put on your creative hat, and by the end of the day, you will have your face filter ready for use on Instagram.

Spark AR Examples & Projects

Templates for Spark AR are easy to use. We allow our templates to be customized through Spark AR Studio. This gives you full creative control over the final look of your face filter. All you have to do is add one or more of the following elements to the template:

Either a 3D object or custom texture. While our Spark AR Templates include these as standard in Project files, your team can replace these elements with ease. Spark AR Studio even has a gallery of 3D objects you can use if you don’t have access to your creative team.

Once you have the creative elements, all that’s required is to use the face reference assets to create textures that fit perfectly on someone’s face.

Best Practices

When creating your AR filter for Instagram, it’s very important to think about the use case application and why someone would use your filter. Consider what the user would be thinking, for example;

How does the user want to express themselves, what they are doing and how they are feeling. How does the user want to connect with others to start a conversation? How does the user share their emotions? Do they want to be silly, funny or something other than themselves? How does the user wish to share current news, topics or trends?

While these are the core principles of thoughts that should help shape your build, make sure you keep things simple. By doing so, you won’t over complicate your face filter. Focus on finding the correct Spark AR Template, and you will be well on your way to a successful build.